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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What Is It Like When Two Mormons Get Married and One Person's Family Isn't Mormon?

The title of this post is structured purposefully to emulate Thomas Nagel's seminal work in the field of Philosophy of Mind "What is it like to be a bat?" My purposes in writing this are several: (1) to honestly share about the nature of my experience in the most public way I can think of, which gives me a feeling of being unburdened and liberated, (2) to be a comforting hand reaching out to anyone else who has had a similar experience and who feels isolated and alone as a result of it and (3) to simply convey the essential nature of my experience to the reader in the best way that I can in order to allow the reader to come as close as possible to actually experiencing for herself what it was like for this individual to be in and to live these moments,

My awkward, uncomfortable, anxiety-filled, hilarious wedding day..."If we knew each other's secrets, what comforts we should find." - John Churton Collins (Photos by: White Ribbon Studios)
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