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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shooting in Afton, Wyoming

As much as I love sunny, summer Wyoming days with their clear blue skies, bright cheery sunshine and fresh, crisp air, I just might love summer nights in Wyoming even more. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Devil's Dive on Snake River

The first time that I came to the little town of Thayne in Star Valley Wyoming was in July of 2011. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Grand Tetons & Jenny Lake

Back after a long hiatus! Before catching up on all the stuff that I've missed out on posting (mainly stuff to do with moving into and decorating our apartment), I figured I'd dive right into the current goings on!
We've just come off of a fun and refreshing trip out to Wyoming to visit the mister's family and attend a little-ish family reunion. We did so many fun things - hiking up around Jenny Lake in the Grand Teton Mountains in Jackson Hole, shooting guns, going fishing (not catching anything) and swimming (just me) at Devil's Dive on Grey's River in Alpine, hanging out in Thayne with family and singing on the karaoke machine, riding Razrs and 4 wheelers, looking at some real live buffalo, baking bread and probably a few other things I'm forgetting too!

The view from Grandpa and Grandpa Pendleton's backyard in Star Valley, Wyoming - really stunning!

more buildings on Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton's farm

Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton's backyard and garden (with the sweetest peas I've ever tasted!)

pickin peas in Grandpa's oversized boots

some guy who happened to be watching me

you pick em...

and pop em open! and then eat them obviously

they were so good, I had to come back for more (with a grocery bag in hand this time)

we drove the razr down the road to pay a visit to these guys - real, live buffalo!

I have literally no idea who keeps them here or for what reason - they are huge and beautiful though
Grand Teton Mountains from the pit stop parking lot - breathtaking aren't they?

we stopped at a pit stop called Dornan's for some food supplies before heading to the lake

there were so many kinds of trail mixes!
and there was a big ole moose watching us from the wall

we finally got to the lake and started out on our journey

one member of our party was super into anything that crawled or flew (i.e. bugs. all of them)

this little guy was a little sleepy at the outset, and his uncle was more than happy to let him nap on his shoulder

and of course, there was lots of posing for pictures throughout

everything surrounding us was utterly beautiful

crazy beautiful!

we hit the waterfall and took some pics

so incredibly beautiful!

And we trekked up higher and took a few more...

and then we headed back down, had supper in Jackson Hole and went back to Grandpa and Grandma Pendleton's where we all slept nice n sound!!

Look out for more pictures soon! We are in Croatia at the moment - I need to get on top of the picture situation and stay on top, as we are taking hundreds of pictures every single day!
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