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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow in Hanover

Hanover has finally had a good snowstorm!! Just wanted to pop in and share some photos of the winter wonderland I've come to expect and love in my years at Dartmouth!

VVVV Dartmouth and Thornton Halls blending in...

Dartmouth Hall VVV

VVV Thornton Hall to the left (where most of my classes are) and Reed hall to the right (where AJ and I first met!)

VVV New Hamp dorm - where I live, and where I used to live as well. Many fond memories have been created on the first floor with my best friend, Grace and AJ!!

VVV Out of the window of the Hop...the snowflakes got really huge at one's sort of hard to see in the picture, but it was really impressive. 

VVV Wilson Hall...never had any classes in it (I think Women's and Gender studies is housed there), but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it from the outside! (And wondering why Dartmouth has such random architectural variations in its buildings.)

VVV Bartlett Hall...I've had one class here. 

Happy Winter everyone!!
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