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Monday, August 15, 2016

Easy DIY Timeless Scandinavian Modern Headboard

DIY Scandinavian Chic Bare Wood Headboard
 Found: the perfect, timeless, Scandinavian, bare wood headboard. The best part? You can make it for under $50. Lol. I made it this past weekend, and hilariously, I was actually on my way to making a slipcovered headboard, and this was just going to be the frame (probably still is, since I already have the stuff to upholster and slipcover it). But I happened to put it behind the bed after assembling it to check and make sure the dimensions looked right with the bed and was immediately struck by how bomb it looked on its own. Accompanied by the fact that the lumber for this costs a grand total of $45 and that it takes barely any time to make, I figured that I would make a quick tutorial for this.

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