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Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Multi Finish Eye Palette | Review + Swatches

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Palette Smartorial Edgitorial Scandalust Glambition Provocouture Review Swatches Face Photos

It feels like yesterday that Marc Jacobs debuted it's Eye-Conic palette range ($49 for 7 x 0.003 oz. / 0.08 g.), but apparently not because for Fall, MJ launched an all-new, revamped range with six stunning palettes to suit every skintone, season and occasion. I picked up 5 of the 6 to review here, and below are swatches and eye looks of each palette!

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Palette Smartorial Edgitorial Scandalust Glambition Provocouture Review Swatches Face Photos

First though, a quick overview. Packaging is still the same, glossy black case which is slim and compact-feeling.

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Palette Smartorial Edgitorial Scandalust Glambition Provocouture Review Swatches Face Photos

 When you open the case, you see the seven harmonizing shades that each palette contains. I love the MJ always includes one or two edgy and exciting hues along with classic and always gorgeous ones in a good range of finishes.
Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Palette Smartorial Edgitorial Scandalust Glambition Provocouture Review Swatches Face Photos

From top to bottom we have Scandalust (personal fave), Glambition (solid neutral), Smartorial (stunner), Provocouture (really wearable and pretty) and Edgitorial (second fave and so perfect for fall). These palettes all around had really amazing pigmentation with the exception of a shade here and there, and the colour combos are very unique and exciting.

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Palette Smartorial Edgitorial Scandalust Glambition Provocouture Review Swatches Face Photos

Up for review first, we have my personal favourite: Scandalust. If you love warm tones, rose golds, coppers, champagnes, burnished and ruddy and rusty hues, Scandalust is for you. It includes:

  • ivory shimmer
  • pink-nude matte
  • rosy gold shimmer duochrome (I want to roll around in a tub of this)
  • ruddy sienna brown matte
  • rusty burnished golden copper duochrome (also a tub of this plz)
  • chocolate brown matte
  • bright cranberry red matte
Whoa. Palette perfection right here yall. This palette does everything from a demure, nude eye, to a bright, go-anywhere rose gold lid, to a daytime heavy drama rusty, ruddy lid to a full on night time drama look with those chocolate and cranberry hues added to the crease. See below for a look at it on the lids! When you blend that red in, it just makes the eyes pop and isn't scary like the Walking Dead at all! Love!

Next up is Glambition. This one is a good, basic neutral palette, which manages to add a couple fun twists in there to give a little extra oomph to your eyes when you want it!

  • ivory shimmer
  • peachy nude matte
  • golden copper duochrome
  • soft brown matte
  • golden ballet pink duocrhome
  • chocolate brown matte
  • black matte with chunky gold sparkle
As you can see below, the two colours with a duochrome effect really bring some interest and gorgeous shimmer to this basic palette and create real versatility for anyone using it. The black hue is kinda patchy, but if you're using an eye base (I always always do), then it doesn't really make a difference honestly.

Edgitorial is so popular that it's sold out at Sephora's website right now, but you can still get it at Neiman Marcus. This one is my second face because it's unusual, yet somehow surprisingly neutral. It is also perfect for stunning, subtly dramatic daytime or nighttime fall and winter eyes, and just wait til you see the swatches and eye looks! Pretty sure you will understand then ;) 

  • pearlescent ivory shimmer
  • greenish-gold white duochrome (!!!)
  • warm chestnut brown matte
  • vibrant yellow gold shimmer
  • perfect silvery neutral green shimmer (!!!)
  • matte dusty sage green (!!!)
  • matte black with shimmer 
Ok, so this palette is amazing, and all the colours are super pigmented and the vibrancy and shimmer of certain of the hues just completely lights the eyes up in all the right ways. And my favourite part is how surprisingly subtle and wearable it is! There are plenty of blue and green palettes that will light up your eyes, but they often do it in a very in-your-face kind of a way. Edgitorial manages to accomplish the same goal in a way that is completely wearable and noticeable yet subtle. Totally comfortable wearing this during the day as a result, which I LOVE. And obviously at night you will shine bright like a diamond yall. 

Don't think I'm hating on blue/green palettes though yall, because here comes Smartorial, and guess what. It's my favourite blue palette (along with Chanel Tisse Venetien), firstly because I love petrol blue, and there are two true petrol blue hues here, and secondly because it balances the blue-greens out with some genuinely neutral hues in case you dont' want to go full on blue for the day!

  • velvety white peral
  • bluish silver shimmer
  • cobalt blue matte (lol with crappy pigmentation)
  • petrol blue matte (kind of patchy but you can build it, and ohhhh that colour makes it so worth it)
  • petrol blue shimmer (GIMME ALL OF heaven, I will be swimming through an ocean of this eyeshadow)
  • golden wheat taupe shimmer (um, hello gorgeous!)
  • mauvey taupe shimmer (um, also hello gorgeous!)
So that kind of explains how I feel about this palette. I did two looks below to show a more toned down and full on version of how you can wear this palette.  

Ok, so this really makes the eyes glow as well...

Last up, there's Provocouture, which is also one of my faves (at a certain point, I feel like it becomes meaningless when everything is my favourite, but what can I say, MJ did a really good job with these and I cannot choose what I like best so sue me). At first glance, I saw those pink and purple brights at the end and was like, ok so this is kind of like a bright pink and purple palette. But it's really not, and it's actually crazy cool how this palette can produce gorgeous neutral eye looks, along with more subdued, classically pretty ones and then some more dramatic ones when you add in those three dramatic hues at the end! The palette includes:

  • soft lilac shimmer
  • ballet pink pearl
  • rosy mauve matte
  • golden rose orchid duochrome (!!!)
  • black matte with gold sparkle
  • cranberry wine shimmer
  • hot pink matte
Great pigmentation throughtout. See below for the three looks I've created with this palette! I think I got more and more excited by the end of my swatching since I started doing multiple looks per palette. Wish I'd done it for Scandalust and Edgitorial as well...

And that's a wrap! I hope you liked the swatches and the eye looks! Let me know in the comments if you've got a favourite!

xoxo Georgia Grace


  1. Scandalust is such a great warm color! Need it now!

    1. Yesss!! It's what I wanted UD Naked Heat palette to be - so pretty! xxGeorgia Grace


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